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Carbide nail drill bit, "Umbrella”, 6*14.5, Green

Carbide nail drill bit, "Umbrella”, 6*14.5, Green

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Carbide nail drill bit, "Umbrella”,  Green with a medium cross cut have a medium grit.
The cutter is used by masters of hardware manicure, pedicure and podiatrists for:
removal of artificial materials (acrylic, gel polish, polygel, biogel);
removal of detachments during correction;
removing part of the nail plate;
work on natural thickened nails;
correction of the length and shape of the nail plate;
coarse sawdust of fungal or artificial nail plates;
sawdust the gel using the upper form technique.

Head diameter 6 mm. 
Working part 14.5 mm. 
Form “Umbrella”  
Fine grit "Green"

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