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Carbide nail drill bit , “Corn Typhoon”, 6*14.5, Green

Carbide nail drill bit , “Corn Typhoon”, 6*14.5, Green

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Carbide nail drill bit Corn Typhoon. They work much faster than conventional cross-cut cutters, do not clog, do not heat up and remain sharp longer. What is their secret? The secret is in the fundamentally different geometry of the blades. The longitudinal cutting intersects with transverse grooves, along which during operation the removed material freely flows away and does not clog the cutter. These cutters are powerful, but do not dig into the material, but work smoothly and easily, like softened butter..

Head diameter 6.0 mm. 
Working part 14.5 mm. 
Form Corn Typhoon. 
Fine grit "Green"

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