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Carbide nail drill bit Rose Gold, "Cone” Pointed, 6*13, Red

Carbide nail drill bit Rose Gold, "Cone” Pointed, 6*13, Red

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Carbide nail drill bit Rose Gold, "Cone” Pointed is made of medical steel and therefore does not rust or deform, and therefore you will be confident that the tool will last a long time.

A special coating reduces the effect of overheating during operation. The instrument perfectly withstands any sterilization methods.

The abrasiveness of cutters is determined by the size of the notches, which determine the area of use. And the convenient “cone” shape allows the master to use the cutter to remove artificial coverings (gel, acrylic) during correction, work in sinuses and hard-to-reach places. Treatment of thickened nail plates in pedicure. Used in hardware manicure and pedicure:

Removing thin artificial material (gel polish and gel)
Correction of dense artificial material (acrylic)
Treatment of calluses and corns

Head diameter 6.0 mm. 
Working part 13 mm. 
Form "Сone” Pointed. 
Fine grit "Red"

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