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Base OCTO 8 ml Siller

Base OCTO 8 ml Siller

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Siller Octo Base 8 ml is a transparent base for gel polish. New from the Siller brand. An innovative base that is completely harmless to nails. It is developed according to the latest technologies and contains the active ingredient Octopirox - an antiseptic and antibacterial substance that minimizes the development of onycholysis. The base is easy to use, the average consistency does not spread and is evenly distributed over the nail plate. Thanks to the Control technology, it does not burn in the lamp during polymerization. Perfectly strengthens nails and takes care of them. Ideally!


Siller Octo Base is applied after preparing the nail plate (hygienic manicure, dusting and degreasing). It is applied in a thin layer, after which the coating should be allowed to self-level, then dry in an LED lamp (the time varies depending on the power of the device).

Producing country: Germany


Removal of the Siller Octo Base is possible by application with a remover or with the help of a router using a hardware method.

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