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Base Nude Pro №5 30 ml Siller

Base Nude Pro №5 30 ml Siller

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The reduced heat formula Nude Base Pro №5  eliminates burning sensation and unpleasant odor, which makes it comfortable to use bases even for the most sensitive nails!

The new Pro Formula allows you to create a coating that is resistant to chips and mechanical stress, extending wear up to 5 weeks!

PRO base by Siller Professional is a solid base.
The peculiarity of this product is that Pro base can be safely built on long nails and not be afraid of shrinkage of the material.
Beautiful, dense colors save the artist's time, as architecture and color are created at the same time.
Under the Pro base, we apply the Rubber base to the natural nail, polymerize for 60 seconds, and then build the PRO base architecture.

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