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KODI Professional

Armrest Pearl Kodi Professional

Armrest Pearl Kodi Professional

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An important factor for achieving high-quality results when performing nail procedures is the client’s comfortable self-feeling - for this there is a manicure armrest.

A rectangular armrest is a special stand designed to provide a comfortable position for the client’s hands while performing a manicure and/or covering nails. Using an armrest helps prevent excessive tension in the hands and, as a result, their fatigue and numbness. Deformation-resistant, dense and elastic foam rubber is used as a filler for the armrest. The upholstery of the product is made of high-quality soft eco-leather. If necessary, the armrest is easy to clean.

Color: Pearl

Size: 400x120 mm

KODI PROFESSIONAL armrests are presented in a wide color palette, which allows you not only to create an effective workplace, but to design it according to aesthetic preferences.

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