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KODI Professional

Armrest on white legs Berry Kodi Professional

Armrest on white legs Berry Kodi Professional

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Legged Armrest Berry The Berry armrest by Kodi Professional is a functional solution for fixing and supporting the client's hands during cosmetic or manicure procedures. This model is compact, versatile and practical, and due to its rich Berry color, the armrest will become a bright accent of any interior. The Kodi armrest has a standard rectangular shape, does not take up much space on the table and, thanks to the legs, allows for placing a polymerization lamp under it. The accessory has a durable and soft upholstery made of high-quality eco-leather, which does not lose its external presentability for a long time and is unpretentious in care. The armrest is filled with dense and resilient foam rubber that is resistant to deformation. It ensures the most comfortable position of the client's hands without swelling. Color: Berry

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