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KODI Professional

Gel Polish LC №50 7ml Kodi Professional

Gel Polish LC №50 7ml Kodi Professional

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Basic Collection from KODI PROFESSIONAL is the main collection of gel polishes for creating a durable decorative coating for nails. In addition to the multifaceted palette, different product volumes are now available to choose from. Introducing Basic Collection 7 ml. - professional quality coating, selected palette and new bright design that will become a real decoration of your workplace. New bottles additionally prevent changes in the quality characteristics of the gel polish texture as a result of the influence of various environmental factors. Gel varnishes are characterized by high hiding power, do not streak or run when applied, and show a dense color without gaps in two layers of application.

Gel polish No. 50 LC (LILAC series) has an enamel texture and a lilac color. It is recommended to apply uniform coating in two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp for 2 minutes and in an LED lamp for 30 seconds.

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